On May 27, 1867 twenty-six residents of the Town of Mt. Pleasant in Green County and the surrounding area did mutually bind and obligate themselves in writing as charter members of a Town Mutual Fire Insurance Co. for the purpose of indemnifying one another for loss to their property by fire. Each member paid $250 to start the company. The company was named Mt. Pleasant Mutual Fire Ins. Co.

In 1971 the Perry Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of Iowa County merged into the Mt. Pleasant Mutual Fire Ins. Co becoming Mt. Pleasant-Perry Mutual Ins. Co.

Many changes have taken place over the years in the insurance industry. Now in the 21st century, Mt. Pleasant-Perry Mutual insures in 10 counties, has over 2000 policies with over $500 million in covered property. The first 125 years in business have proved to be a challenge. Mt. Pleasant-Perry has adapted to the changes required to meet the policyholders needs and remains committed to “Neighbor Insuring Neighbor”

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